Message from the Director

What a fantastic kickstart to the launch of Inspire Real Estate’s sales division. We anticipated a warm reception from our clients, but this really has been quite a humbling experience… Our recruitment campaign across the country (in search of high-quality agents), has certainly drawn out some mighty fine salespeople, and we’re absolutely looking forward to […]

Is your Home an Asset or Liability?

Majority of New Zealanders think that once they purchase a home and then pay off the mortgage, they have made it financially, they have achieved the kiwi dream and have a place to call home, a stake in the land so to speak. What homeowners also think is that they now own an asset and […]

Insulation Is Now Law

Insulation is compulsory in all rental homes covered by the Residential Tenancies Act from 1 July 2019, of course if you are reading this article we have passed the 1 st July 2019 deadline. The insulation guidelines were introduced with the new Healthy  Homes Act. Below I will share with you what is and isn’t […]

Rental Update

The New Zealand rental market continues to go from strength to strength as the average rental price in New Zealand is up 4.2% compared to November last year. If you exclude Auckland it would be 7.1%. As property prices increase across the country in the smaller towns so do rents. It’s been an exceptional year […]

Property Market Update

It’s been a strange year for property prices across the country. Depending on where you live or where your investment properties are, you either had a good year of positive growth or negative especially for the Auckland wider area. But with all the ups and downs in the property market this year the median house […]