Banning overseas buyers

Banning overseas buyers

Its been 2 years in the making and on October 22nd 2018 the new Overseas Investment Amendment Bill became law, restricting overseas buyers from buying existing housing in New Zealand.   Let’s look at what this means and who this affects.   The government wants to slow down the property prices in New Zealand and […]

Is Your Time & Family worth More than Managing a Property?

So you have purchased a property or currently have a rental property you are managing yourself.  Great you are on track to create long-term wealth, cash-flow and a better retirement for you and your family.  But could you spend your time more wisely than managing the property yourself?   Let’s look at an example of […]

Responses to Owners About Cheaper Fees

Property managers offer three kinds of service – good, cheap and efficient – and any individual can only provide two. Good and cheap won’t be efficient, cheap and efficient won’t be good, whereas my service is good and efficient, so it won’t be cheap.   I am aware that there are some other agencies out there who […]