What to do when your tenant stops paying rent

MY TENANT STOPPED PAYING RENT!   One of the main frustrations of being a landlord is ‘rental arrears’.It can become very frustrating. Tenants know that when you rent a property, you have to pay your rent regularly and on time.  However, for some, it can be difficult to keep payments on track.   Can a […]

The importance of regular inspections

As a DYI owner,do you conduct inspections of your investment property on a regular three-monthly basis?  Or, maybe you do an initial inspection, and possibly a second one, you note that the property is being cared for and then let the inspection time drag out for a longer period between them. This is nothing to […]

Prevention is the key

A bad tenant will make all types of excuses for not paying the rent.   You have probably heard every excuse there is! Unfortunately, no Landlord is immune to rent arrears.   You can certainly sympathise with tenants that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that result in delayed payments, however regardless of the reason, the […]

Managing your investment funds

Buying an investment property seems easy: you secure the mortgage, the tenant pays the rent, and there may be a minor difference that you need to front, no biggie!   Those seasoned investors know: this is not true at all.   To manage your investment funds effectively, a good idea is to keep expenses to […]

Reserve Bank relieves some pressure on LVR’s

In October 2016 The Reserve Bank moved LVR’s (loan to value ration) restrictions on housing for investors to 40% deposit and home owners to 20% deposit across the country.  This was to try and ease the heated property market.  This did have an effect and now just over a year the Reserve Bank is now […]

Rental Statistics from around New Zealand

Property sales across New Zealand may have slowed but rents have increased, though really not that much since 2007, as rent increases are still around 5% per annum.  This is likely due to both low mortgage interest rates and low wage growth which constrains tenants from paying dramatically higher rent.  ​   Corelogic has reported that […]