Welcome, my name is Anyos Gonczy, owner and general manager of Inspire NZ. Whether you are selling or buying through us, renting or utilising our property management service, I wish to welcome you to our company.

My team and I understand what we need to do to succeed in a highly competitive real estate environment. We understand how we need to operate and how we need to act to ensure we do a great job for our valued clients. In a large part, that is doing what we say we are going to do, acting in your best interests at all times and communicating efficiently with all parties. We find that adopting these values goes a long way towards achieving a superior outcome for all parties.

The real estate market is constantly evolving be it the rental market or the sales market. As an agent and manager, we utilise our networks, our team and an abundance of resources to stay at the forefront of what the market is doing. However, nothing beats feeling the pulse of the market on the streets of NZ and relaying that information to our clients in an easy to understand format. Our knowledge centre provides up to date information about the market, so please subscribe to our newsletter to get these regularly.

We have amazing people at Inspire NZ. Our sales team are skilled negotiators and successful marketers and our rental managers are superb with fantastic reviews from clients. Rest assured, your real estate needs are in great hands and we look forward to achieving a superior outcome for you and your family.



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