How to reward your tenants over Christmas

With Christmas only just around the corner things like family, friends, good food, fun and traditions are all common place when it comes to Christmas. In addition to this people also associate Christmas with the act of giving.  We do recommend that if together we feel your tenants have been good to your property/s and kept up with legal requirements, giving a little or showing a small token of appreciation is not a bad way to go.


The act of giving goes a long way in any business relationship and a study in the UK found that 72% of tenants said that a gift had positively affected the relationship.  70% of tenants that received a gift renewed their tenancy beyond 24 months, compared to 53% of tenants that didn’t.


We have complied a top 10 of potential things you can do this Christmas as an act of giving for your tenants:Food – Everyone loves a food basket, buy off the rack or make your own

  • Petrol – A petrol voucher goes along way this time of year
  • Gift – Doesn’t have to be big just a little something for your appreciation
  • Fix – Something you have been meaning to fix around the property for sometime
  • Children – Gifts for kids is always great
  • Charity – Gift or money to your tenants favourite charity or church
  • Movies – Vouchers to the movies or local event this summer
  • Clean – Do a few jobs to make the place look great for summer, weed gardens, wash house, waterblast driveway, chop trees etc, even get your tenants to help
  • Voucher – From Mitre 10, Bunnings or the local coffee shop
  • Christmas card – We only get bills in the post these days so a Christmas card with a lovely message will go a long way.


So there you have it 10 great gift ideas that you can use this year for your tenants.  Remember it is not about how much we spend on a gift, it’s about how we appreciate our tenants looking after our investment.


Please make contract with your property manager if you need any assistance at all with this initiative.
Written by Anyos, the director who is the main driving force behind the Inspire Property Management national brand


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