Inspire – Trusted across the breadth of the country

Inspire – Trusted across the breadth of the country

Over the last 10 years Inspire Property Management has built a rental management company across New Zealand which landlords and tenants can trust and rely on.  We are here to serve those with investment properties and those who are looking for accommodation no matter what part of the country you maybe in.


Because of our ongoing commitment and outstanding customer service, Inspire has become well known from as far north as Whangarei to the most southern city Invercargill.


If you are in or around one of the below areas shoot us an email or give us a call, we are happy to have a chat to see if we can help manage your property or find you a property you can call home.


Areas managed by Inspire Property Management are:





Waikato Region



Bay of Plenty Region


Eastern Bay Region



Hawkes Bay Region

New Plymouth

Manawatu & Whanganui Region






Our team and I understand what you require from us.  High level of communication and simply doing what we say we are going to do for you and your tenants.


Though almost a decade of managing client’s investment properties, Inspire is now a sizable National brand with high calibre staff and an ever increasing client base.


Through education, time, trial and error, we have honed our skill to be leading in our field.  We will never stop learning, never stop evolving and having you as a happy valued client is what keeps us motivated and coming back for more.


Even though our head office is based in Auckland, we have a dedicated property manager in each area we manage.  This way we make sure we are up to date in the latest rental prices, have local knowledge, as well as being reliable and on the ground quickly whenever the need arises.  This way it doesn’t matter if you own a property in the largest city or a small town we can help you manage your property with care and professionalism because of our local knowledgeable staff.


So next time you purchase an investment property, know someone who is about to, or you are looking for someone to manage your existing property where ever it may be in New Zealand give us a call and we will put you in touch with your local property manager.


Phone: 09 5794050



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