Landlords: How to get Your Property Rent-Ready

There are a number of factors to consider when getting your property ready to be rented out.  The most important one is actually going to talk to the local Property Manager to discuss with them your ideas around getting the property rent ready.  Why would you do this? ​


Quite simple really, because they are seeing rental properties day in and day out and they know what tenants are looking for when it comes to renting.  Your property might be in a specific area that tenants are really keen on having a vegetable garden, so your thought of concreating the old vege garden may not be the right choice.


Another prime example is that you may want to convert the garage into a sleepout, but the tenants in your area would prefer a garage to have somewhere secure to park their car.  This simple chat could save you thousands of dollars.


When decorating and painting your property, in order to appeal to as many prospective tenants as possible, it is usually best to stick to neutral colours. In the main living areas, gloss is best so it becomes easier to clean, rather than having to repaint.  Paint walls rather than wallpaper as it’s easier to repair.  But if you are after a feature wall to impress a professional couple, then wall paper could add the wow factor.


In order to find a tenant to rent your property quickly, modern kitchens and bathrooms are a must.  If you are changing a bathroom, its usually best to stick with white sanitary ware in a durable finish. Plastic scratches easily and other products can be damaged from certain cleaning products, so make sure to tell sales staff you are buying for a rental property.  Kitchens should be plain and hard wearing. Slate or tile work tops are much more durable, especially if you are renting out a big house.


Flooring is a big choice as this is one of the first impressions when your prospective tenants walk into the house.  Polished wood flooring looks amazing, though not all tenants like this, so again, check with your local Property Manager to see what tenants are looking for.  You may end up compromising with polished floors in the main living areas, carpet in bedrooms, vinyl in kitchen and wet areas. For rental properties, carpets are best in medium to dark tones, so it’s much easier to maintain and will show less wear and tear.


Inspire Property Management has specialist trades people who deal frequently with rental properties.  If you wish to get a quotation for any work please let us know.  We don’t charge any extra fees for this – it’s all part of the service.


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