Anyos Gonczy

Anyos Gonczy

General Manager

Property Management

My name is Anyos Gonczy and I am the owner of Inspire NZ. To say that I am proud of my team of 25+ highly capable individuals would be an understatement. I am delighted to work with such a fantastic and committed group of people and this has been the cornerstone of our success over the past decade. We provide vendors and landlords with our services all over NZ and clients are engaging Inspire in volume on the back of years of strong performance in the marketplace. To simply put it, we just care about every transaction no matter what value it may be.

About me, I am a very lucky father to my son and daughter and have the most amazing woman by my side whom I have had the pleasure of being with for almost 20 years. For me it is all about spending time with my favourite people and enjoying life. I enjoy business and with that in mind, doing a good job for my clients is non-negotiable.