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Better Tenants

As experienced property managers, we help you find the best tenants available faster than you can possibly imagine.

Premium Rental Return

We will obtain a premium rental value for your property through proven processes backed by years of experience.

No Hassle

We are here to help you reduce your workload from your everyday busy life. Leave it all to us while you enjoy a nice holiday.

Stay Informed

Our property managers are regularly trained and informed of the most recent legal information that affects your properties.

Get the best property management in Auckland

Careful Tenant Selection

This part of the management process is catalyst and requires an experienced person for it to be done right. We have that person. A fine mixture of instinct and research brings you the best result.

Competitive Rates

Managing your property is actually not expensive and you will be surprised how little it costs. We also offer highly competitive packages to manage your tenants and your property.

Regular Rent Reviews

Market research on rents, tenancies in general and trends has become a large part of what we do. Your property will always be returning the highest rents and will be in line with current market.


Care and Detail

Your property is an expensive asset that Inspire takes very seriously. We will stop at nothing to ensure your property is looked after and protected.

Zero Tolerance For Rental Arrears

Inspire has no tolerance for late or non-payment of rent. In the event of a default, a robust and proven process is implemented to ensure everything is back on track fast.

Managing Over 1500 Tenancies Across NZ

We manage over $1 Billion worth of properties and that number is increasing every day. Clients change to Inspire for better pastures and our customers stay because we care.

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Our Process

Everything begins with a cup of coffee. We like to use our time to understand your expectations when it comes to managing your property.

We like to visit the property and understand what it offers tenants. A free appraisal will be provided and discussed with you. We’d love to have you on board.

Once the boring paperwork is done, we’ll get to work and source and place a wonderful tenant to your investment. Our careful tenant selection will impress.
Inspire is a one stop shop. We will take care of everything from emptying your letter box if and when the house is empty, to arranging tenancy agreements, lodging and releasing of bonds, inspections, maintenance, rent collection and move outs amongst many other things.

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Do you have a residential investment property you’d like to rent out? Do you want to enjoy great returns without the worries?

Managing your own rental property portfolio can cost you a huge amount of time and money—not to mention stress.

Organising paperwork, screening tenants, collecting rent, arranging maintenance . . . there are so many things you need to do.

Luckily you can avoid all this by getting Inspire Property Management to do all of the hard work for you.

We’re experts when it comes to property management in Tokoroa.

When you register with us, we will take care of everything at an affordable rate that lets you get the maximum return on your investment with the minimum amount of hassles.

We are the leading property management company in Tokoroa and our highly-trained professional staff are here to help you

To talk to us about managing your rental property, all you have to do is fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to organise your free rental appraisal.

“We are very happy that we have Inspire as our Rental Manager. They are great communicators, professional and very pro-active. We were amazed that they found tenants to rent our property quickly. We don’t have to worry about micro-managing our property, all are taken care of. I highly recommend Inspire!”

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