Get the most out of your investment with a free rental appraisal

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Owning a rental is more complex than ever. The effort put in by you thus far to provide a sound rental property to your tenants should be rewarded with a generous rental return. Get the most out of your investment property by obtaining a no obligation, free rental appraisal from Inspire Property Management.

This will ensure that you are charging the correct rent to your tenants, help to secure and retain quality tenants, and help to shorten any possible down times between tenants.

What is a Rental Appraisal?

A rental appraisal by an experienced property manager provides a landlord with a detailed report of the earning potential of their investment property. Rent values are determined by current market trends, rent levels for other similar nearby properties, bond lodgement data and properties available in our own portfolio. A rent appraisal is a vital tool that will provide a landlord insight into how much their property is worth on the rental market.. A rental appraisal from Inspire Property Management is provided free of charge to landlords and there is no obligation to use our management service – we are here to help.

Why get a Rental Appraisal?

Requesting a rental appraisal can be critical to landlords and property investors with regard to rent levels to maximise returns and also retain good tenants.

A rental appraisal from Inspire Property Management is an extremely valuable tool that can help you secure funds, be sure you are investing in the right property and achieve the optimum rent your property could get in the current market.

Our appraisal process


View the Property


Conduct both in-house and market research


Draft our appraisal and apply a rental figure with 4% variance either way


We send the appraisal to the landlord at no charge

Why choose us?

At Inspire Property Management, we understand that your investment property is a major asset and we consider it part of our daily role to provide unparalleled service. We have a team of experts available nationwide and we believe it is the passion, commitment, and people that delivers exceptional work. Based on the latest rental figures in your area, our appraisals give you an idea of how much your property could get in the current market.​

We offer FREE rental appraisals that are honest and represent what we believe to be a fair and appropriate asking price at the date of viewing your property. The crew at Inspire are great communicators and extremely proactive so you can be sure you’re in the best possible hands.

Inspire rental appraisals

Do you want to know how much rent you should be charging or want to know what rental income you could get for your property?

We provide this advice FREE of charge. For almost a decade now, Inspire Property Management has helped thousands of landlords value their investment by one of our long serving members of staff. We are able to appraise any property in NZ as we are a National brand operating in over 12 regions in New Zealand.

Simply click on “book a rental appraisal” button and one of our team will contact you within the next 12 hours to arrange a free rental appraisal.

Obtaining a rental appraisal is a process designed to take into account all factors that have a bearing on a property’s value.

An accurate market appraisal is important as it can affect so many key decisions, including whether to buy or not buy a property. It is also catalyst in attracting the right tenants to a property. If its set too low, you attract a wide audience which is good, but you are at the lower end of the market and could be giving away potential income. If you set it too high, you will attract far less applicants and could be forced to settle for a tenant that you would otherwise not accept. There are many reasons as to why an accurate appraisal is important and those listed here are just the beginning.

Free Rental Appraisal