Responses to Owners About Cheaper Fees

Property managers offer three kinds of service – good, cheap and efficient – and any individual can only provide two. Good and cheap won’t be efficient, cheap and efficient won’t be good, whereas my service is good and efficient, so it won’t be cheap.


I am aware that there are some other agencies out there who charge less than us, but at what cost? Agencies only charge what they are worth. We are worth more. By going elsewhere for a 1% saving, you are only saving $4 per week on your $400 a week property. If I lease this property 1 week earlier than them you have already increased your income. With higher fees, we in turn have a better staff to client ratio. This means that we have more time to work efficiently for you. Thorough inspections means your property will only grow in value and we can review the rent every year. Wouldn’t you prefer to earn an additional $20 a week every 12 months, than save $4 a week?


If that deal sounded so good why didn’t you sign their contract straight away? There must be something that is telling you that the offer isn’t as good as it seems? Let’s discuss why you should sign with our company.


If it’s cheap service and cheap fees you’re after then by all means go with the other agent. However if your after top service, regular communication and an agent that will work with you then our fees stand.


We believe our service is worth our fees which is why I don’t feel we need to discount our charges. In the end you get what you pay for… Cheap fees equals cheap service


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