The importance of regular inspections

As a DYI owner,do you conduct inspections of your investment property on a regular three-monthly basis?  Or, maybe you do an initial inspection, and possibly a second one, you note that the property is being cared for and then let the inspection time drag out for a longer period between them. This is nothing to beat yourself up about!


The reality is that we all have busy lives and if you feel the tenants are doing ok, perhaps they don’t really need inspections every three months. WRONG!


Why is that wrong? Maintenance of your property and detection of such things as a dripping pipe inside a cupboard or perhaps carpet that is lifting could potentially become a liability issue.


When you employ the services of a property manager, it is in their best interests from a management and liability perspective to ensure that the property is being inspected regularly. Your professional property manager will generally complete a comprehensive report and provide photos and of recent times, and possibly video inspections of your investment. Regular inspections can also allay fears of criminal activity taking place at your property.


Is there a price on your peace of mind? Regular inspections are another great reason to consider employing a property manager.


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