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Care and detail

Your property is an expensive asset that Inspire takes very seriously. We will stop at nothing to ensure your property is looked after and protected.

Zero tolerance for rental arrears

Inspire has no tolerance for late or non-payment of rent. In the event of a default, a robust and proven process is implemented to ensure everything is back on track fast.

Managing over 1000 tenancies across NZ

We manage over $700 million worth of properties and that number is increasing every day. Clients change to Inspire for better pastures and our customers stay because we care.

Careful tenant selection

This part of the management process is catalyst and requires an experienced person for it to be done right. We have that person. A fine mixture of instinct and research brings you the best result.

Competitive rates

Managing your property is actually not expensive and you will be surprised how little it costs. We also offer highly competitive packages to manage your tenants and your property.

Regular rent reviews

Market research on rents, tenancies in general and trends has become a large part of what we do. Your property will always be returning the highest rents and will be in line with current market.

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Whangarei is a real cracker… A place where people want to work, reside and holiday. It’s a lovely part of the world and Captain Cook obviously thought so when he navigated through the Whangarei harbour entrance in 1769. He dangled a line over and caught 100 fish and named the place “Bream”
which now is Bream Bay…

Inspire has been working with investors in the region for years and we love it there! Clients are friendly, and tenants are abundant. Our portfolio is in the Whangarei region is managed by Angela Dare.

Whangarei is home to approximately 57,000 people but many more in the country side. Over the property boom of 2012 – 2016, Northland featured on many charts, topping results for capital gain and rental growth which is no surprise.

As with all regions, our focus is to communicate with high efficiency, be very selective with whom we offer properties too and respectful to all parties.

If you have any questions at all in regards to Whangarei and/or our well received service in the region, please do make contact with Angela Dare.

“We are very happy that we have Inspire as our Rental Manager. They are great communicators, professional and very pro-active. We were amazed that they found tenants to rent our property quickly. We don’t have to worry about micro-managing our property, all are taken care of.

I highly recommend Inspire!”

Van De Water

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