Why are landlords increasingly turning to Inspire?

Why are landlords increasingly turning to Inspire?

We are having great success with our ever-growing portfolio at Inspire across NZ. Landlords are wanting more than ever from their property managers and they are finding it with us plus more.

Clients are joining our company from a wide range of sources but mainly from being unhappy with other providers, not wanting to manage their property privately anymore and hearing about us through networks and friends.

Our google rating at 4.2 is strong and wonderful references are coming in from all regions around the country consistently.



We have some great things coming up that will further improve our service to our existing and new clients. These are in the form of client surveys, our annual conference and learning seminars for staff to lift skill levels as well as implementation of upgraded key systems to provide better customer care.


Our company is nothing without its staff and we have a wonderful, stable and loyal team which management are very grateful for and do not take for granted. It is this point we feel that makes the difference to customer service and an area we will continue to nurture and care for.


The focus for Inspire is not just the acquisition of new business but more importantly, the care and effort placed on our existing clientele. It is this group whom have already placed their investment in our care that should be valued ahead of any prospecting for new work.


Our drive is placed on the following key factors that ensures the right approach to your investment:


  • Sourcing of the absolute best tenants in any given market at all times
  • Paper work and the auditing of same to ensure everything is as it should be
  • Superior communication with tenants and owners
  • Reducing vacancies and getting premium rent for properties
  • Minimising wear and tear, inspecting on-time and doing everything we can to run a drug free house


Whilst the above is generally what an investor pays a property manager for, it is unfortunately often not done. We are constantly getting clients coming to us where core functions were not being adhered to, at times resulting in financial losses.

It has taken almost 10 years of focus and hard work to build our team, knowledge and experience which cannot just be purchased or quickly learned. Inspire manages well over 1000 tenancies across the country and that number is increasing every day.


If you know anyone with an investment property not managed by us, please consider recommending us by clicking below and let us have a no obligation chat with them. ​




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